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Lepan : The wall work of the Indian desert.

A Traditional rural Indian Art form, prevalent in the Indian desert. Mainly in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Beautiful designs are made on the walls of homes using mud, glass and thread. Deities which bring prosperity to the home are depicted beautifully using this art form.

I bring this art form to today's modern interiors by working on board with durable materials.

I use floral as well as traditional Indian designs on these murals.

The effect of these murals in the interiors is very ethnic and beautiful. The small mirrors reflect the different hues of light all the time.

The colors used on these wall murals are earthy. I use the ranges of dull orange, ochre, olive greens, earthy browns to the vibrant blues of the lime wash.

Lime wash is a traditional Indian wall coating in which shades of cerulean, cobalt and ultramarine blue hue is added to the white base.

These murals look beautiful in the interiors portraying an Indian, Arabic or any oriental theme

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