My interest in art developed in my childhood as I grew up seeing beautiful paintings by my grandmother. This early enthusiasm has now become the driving force, which makes me create through painting.

Inspiration for me comes from my immediate and perceived environment. Living close to Rajasthan in India. I am inspired by the vastness of the desert, it’s colour, the architecture and the culture of it’s people. I love to paint it’s palaces, havelis and pillars which are getting eroded by the passage of time.

I also love to paint the human figure especially of women, deep in thought, synthesizing some detail of the architecture in the background.

My passion for art and ancient architecture takes me to different cultures to see their diverse and rich art forms. As I paint the forgotten temples, churches and homes, I wonder about the young craftsmen who labored at making these beautiful monuments. My paintings of these ruins are homage to their excellent design concepts and work.

Coming across a shrine in Thailand devoted to the martyrs of World War II. I painted my series on ‘Prayer’. These soulful old places, forged out of stone and wood, inspire my spirit and I am driven to capture them on canvas.

Shuchi Krishan